• An Exterminators Guide to Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment - Must Have Secrets, by Veterans Pest Control, Perfect for Exterminators, Do-It-Yourselfers and Housekeepers

An Exterminators Guide to Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment - Must Have Secrets, by Veterans Pest Control, Perfect for Exterminators, Do-It-Yourselfers and Housekeepers

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DID YOU KNOW? Rutgers University reports that 6 out of 10 people fail to eradicate bed bugs, because they don't know what to do or use. WITH THIS PRODUCT - NOW YOU DO!!

As a licensed Pest Control Operator we have an ethical obligation to share this NEW information. This product is an easy to read discreet pocket guide/checklist (5.5"x 8.5") that explains exactly what to do to identify and treat bed bugs, and even what products to use. It fills the gaps between the EPA and what exterminator experts do (identify, pre-treat, treat and post treat). It's 24 steps made for everyday people, outlined on 4 small pages. You can use the guidebook with your own products or ones we have tested and are recommended by independent third parties. 

• HOUSEKEEPERS / DIY: Save hundreds of dollars to identify and treat bed bugs yourself in any setting and before the bed bugs get out of control. This booklet is ideal for all people who cannot afford to hire a pest professional, are out of service range of a pest professional, or you are a cleaning service wanting to be BED BUG CERTIFIED.

The majority of bed bug discovery and treatment is cleaning related. In fact, only 5 out of 24 steps to inspect, pre-treat, treat and post treat require a spray, powder or traps, as the rest of the steps are cleaning and inspection related. You DON'T NEED a heat contraption either, as your clothes dryer works fine with this treatment. This is why bed bugs are often difficult to get rid of, because the homeowner or staff don't know what to look for and how to avoid cross contamination with disposal. We are the only licensed pest control company to step up to the plate and give you very valuable information so you can safely and properly do your part to eliminate the bed bug infestation.  Until homeowners and staff take this piece of bed bug treatment most seriously we are likely to see a continued rise in bed bugs nationwide. The cleaning is that important!

• EXTERMINATORS:  Now is the time to help your community treat bed bugs for the most affordable, effective and non-toxic treatment available. You can feel confident with this guidebook. Order a copy for every technician to use in the field. (Material is pending IMP CE credit approval by state board for CA licensees).

• An exterminator charges several hundreds of dollars for this treatment and chemical companies are not licensed or experienced to provide this full coverage information.

• Follow our step by step process which includes how to inspect, clean, treat and dispose of bed bugs. We also recommend which products to use and how to re-introduce your belongings after treatment (in Spanish and English.) 

• What most exterminators won't tell you or don't know.

• Learn how to identify bed bugs and avoid spreading them, or driving them into walls only to re-appear later.

• Learn about Chagas disease and its link to bed bugs (2014).



    Works on pesticide resistant bed bugs
    Stops the spread of bed bugs 
    No need to vacate the room for days
    Full coverage treatment: SUPERIOR PROTECTION: works on contact and for up to 1 year after
    Safe for children and pets, natural and non-toxic - use products as labeled