Experts meet at bed bug conference to discuss increase in cases nationwide

by Kirsten VanderJagt |

Posted 5:41 pm, November 5, 2015, by

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OH -- Bed bugs are a recurring problem. So what can be done to stop these little creatures from wreaking so much havoc?

Well, that's one of the questions that's being discussed at the 2015 Cuyahoga County Bed Bug Conference. Experts from around the country are coming together to talk about that and much more.

"You can learn all aspects of bed bug biology, characteristics, behavior, know what to look for if there is an infestation, know how to control it," said Tom Barsa.

He's a Registered Sanitarian for the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

He said bed bugs have always been around, but for some reason, there have been more reported cases over the last couple of years.

"The bed bug trend has really been consistent where we`re seeing a slow increase in reports of bed bugs all across the country, but they can be very regional in nature where certain places are seeing an increase in bed bugs and other places are seeing a plateau or really aren't even seeing the problem that much yet," said Bed Bug Expert Jeff White.

There are all kinds of ways to detect to bed bugs, but probably one of the more unique ways is to use a dog.

Gary Broberg takes his dogs Bella and Tilly into schools and businesses to sniff out the insects. He said they are always accurate.

"The amazing thing is not only to be able to pick up that scent, but to pick up the one scent because in many cases there`s a thousand different scents in that particular environment and atmosphere," he explained.

Detection is definitely a lot easier than treatment. There's currently no over the counter product to kill bed bugs. So until that's created, education is key.

"If people know what to look for, know how to properly take care of something, if they're not using the wrong products, then yes things are going to get better," said Barsa.