Struck by Bedbugs, Md. Tenants Sue for $20 Million

by Kirsten VanderJagt |

Former residents of an apartment building in Hyattsville, Maryland, say they were forced out of their homes by bedbugs -- and they want the ex-building owner to pay them $20 million.

Ethel Stokes, an 87-year-old former resident of the Kings Park Plaza Apartments, said she slept in a chair for six weeks after bedbugs took over her bed.

This is terrible. Why wouldn't the property manager or tenants at least buy EPA approved diatomaceous earth that kills bed bugs in 48 hours and put on mattress encasements? It wouldn't do the whole job but it would certainly have helped while figuring out a longer term solution. And the products I mentioned only cost $100 - $150 from our company with additional options available for full treatment. I hope people stop the negligence soon.